Science writing training

We provide in-house science writing training for businesses, academia/research institutes, and the public sector.  If your staff or students are struggling to produce clear, coherent documents, we can help.

We’ve been training scientists since 2007, and clients include:

  • universities wanting to equip their post-graduate students with critical career skills
  • NHS operational departments for whom clear communication is vital
  • global businesses who depend on effective science writing for product development and growth

How our science writing training helps

Scientists are bright people – but they’ve often never really thought about what it means to write well. Our training kick-starts that thinking. And the light bulbs go on.

The result is that when participants return to their desks, they approach writing differently. They have a better understanding of why good science writing matters for them personally and for their organisation, they are motivated to look critically at their own writing, and they know what to do to improve.

What we cover

Ask us to provide training for your people, and the exact content will depend on your needs. Typically, we start with the big picture:

  • why are you writing?
  • who are you writing for?
  • what makes communication successful?

Then, we move onto the detail – how do you:

  • prepare and plan for writing?
  • structure information?
  • choose the right words to use?

Writing Point training is fun and interactive, and uses an analytical approach that appeals to scientists. There’s lots of discussion, using real-life examples, together with a varied mix of games, exercises and activities.

To find out more, see Science Writing workshops.