Your guide to how we handle personal data (information that could identify you).

Key message: We take care with personal data. We don’t share details with anyone except where we need to do so to fulfil contracts with clients and suppliers, operate our business, or comply with the law.

This privacy notice applies to data we process (handle) as both data controller and data processor. Where we handle personal data for the purposes of running our business and communicating with you, we are acting as data controller. Where we process personal data under your instruction for the purposes of providing services to your business, you are the data controller and we are acting as data processor.

To ask us what personal data we hold on you or are handling as data processor for your organisation, email or call 01625 610951.

If you have any complaints about how we have treated your personal data, you can contact the UK Information Commissioner at

Data controller

Writing Point Limited.

What data we collect

We collect names, contact details and job titles. We may collect other personal data for the purposes of completing work for agreed projects. If you just browse one of our websites, we may collect anonymous browsing information. We don’t collect any information that could identify you.

Where we collect data from

As data controller, we collect data directly from people who have an interest in our services, people who make specific enquiries, and from clients, suppliers, and people we partner with on projects.

As data processor, we collect data on client employees to whom we provide training and on client employees who we communicate with in the process of delivering our service.

We also collect data indirectly from publicly-available sources and from people who may tell us about others who might be interested in our services.

How we use personal data

We use your contact details to give you information about our products and services.

If you order work from us, we use personal data to communicate with you about the work and to complete the work.

If we buy products or services from you, we may use personal data to communicate with you about the delivery of the product.

Whether you are a customer or supplier, we may, with your consent, use personal data to recommend your product or service to others.

Who we share personal data with

We share personal data with third-party organisations who support our business, including suppliers of cloud-based software. The organisations we share your data with include (but are not limited to) our bank, our accountant and our IT support providers, plus providers of office administration, email, document storage, and bookkeeping software.

These third parties may in turn share personal data with other organisations who provide support services to them.

We also share personal data with any organisations and individuals we partner with on your projects, including website development and graphic design firms.

Third-party providers and partner organisations and individuals are subject to change. You can ask us for current details by emailing

How we protect personal data

We apply good practice to keep data stored on our own equipment secure. We may share data outside the European Economic Area (EEA) if necessary for business purposes or if cloud software we are using hosts data outside the EEA. Where we share information with third parties, we do our best to make sure each organisation is committed to high standards of data security and complies with GDPR.

The organisations we share personal data with have agreed to use it only for the purposes of helping us operate our business or as required by law.

Legal basis for handling personal data

For most activities, the legal basis we rely on is that of contract. Where we handle data for purposes other than working towards a contract or directly meeting contractual obligations, we rely on the basis of legitimate interest. The nature of the legitimate interest is marketing our business.

How long we keep personal data

If we do business with you, we will keep details for 7 years. Whether we do business with you or not, we may also keep your personal data for as long as we think you might have an interest in our products and services or we might have an interest in yours.

What to do if you want us to delete your personal data or to stop contacting you

If you want us to delete your personal data, email or call 01625 610951. We will let you know if we can delete the data. We can’t delete data that must be kept for tax and accounting purposes.

If you do not want us to contact you again in future, email We will keep a note of your name and company so that we know not to contact you.